Current Fees - Headshots


Swift Plus

$320 USD / 2185 RMB

For the busy professional

  • Simplified process

  • 45 minute session

  • Two tight headshots
    - one dark background, one light background

  • Delivery in 3 business days

The same dedication to quality as the Standard option, with a highly condensed time-frame and simplified options.

Professional Choice

$779 USD / 5390 RMB


Perfect for high-profile personalities and KOL

  • Prepaid content strategy

  • Artistic and unique

  • Social Media ready

  • 4 Sessions scheduled at your discretion, 2 hours each time

You need clean, professional-yet-artistic content for your social media presence. If you need a set-and-forget solution to help simplify your content creation, this option is for you.

Contact me about this unique opportunity. Let’s work together!


$229 USD / 1588 RMB

High-quality headshots - no rush.

  • Get 2 of the best headshots of you you’ve ever had

  • 1.5 hour session - 2 looks

  • Retouched and resized, ready for LinkedIn, Instagram, and WeChat

Take control of your personal branding. Don’t settle for a snapshot someone took at a party or restaurant - you need to look confident and approachable, not sweaty and tired!

Unless stated otherwise, all options include:

  1. Professional retouching for TWO images.

  2. Delivery of digital files (jpeg) only.

  3. Payment required up front, at time of booking.

  4. Free rescheduling, within reason.

  5. Travel costs within Zhuhai (excluding Doumen and Zhongshan).

  6. Price guaranteed if you lock it in today!


  1. Travel costs outside of Zhuhai (+1kRMB per session).

  2. Extra retouching (50RMB per additional image).

Current as of May, 2019. Prices and deliverables subject to change - once you’ve booked and paid they will not.