Empowering Language Learning Students in China.

Empowering Language Learning Students in China.

In 2015 I was working for a school in southern China which ... is often considered to be a model school for the future of education in China. The school gets a lot right: due to some great teachers and a lovely campus, the students have access to many wonderful opportunities, especially when compared with what the public school nearby has to offer.

However, there are certain key areas where the students are lacking valuable skills that are actively not being taught in the school. In addition to this, the lesson times were vastly reduced in order to pack extra-curricular activities into the school day: just 35 minutes for class per subject, each day. Yes, you read that correctly. The core subjects of Math, Chinese, Phys. Ed, and calligraphy class receive less than an hour per day for both instruction and for students to perform classwork. Science - depending on the student's age - is relegated to merely two or three classes per week!

My question became; If given only 24 hours to teach a language, which 5 skills or strategies should I focus on teaching? Click through to read my answers, and to add your own.

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